In-person events

Do not leave networking to chance. Your event attendees are seeking to guarantee a series of meaningful meetings well in advance of their event participation.

  • Scheduling meetings from 2 to 10 people.
  • Higher attendance rate.

IFP Qatar
Capital Hill Group

IFP Qatar
Capital Hill Group
Bussines protrait during sunset at cowork space

Optimized networking

Before even engaging in a meeting, participants receive two confirmations: compatibility, determined by the algorithm, and shared interest. By ensuring these factors in advance, valuable time typically spent on arranging meetings is preserved.

  • Option to accept or decline each request
  • Private chat before the event
  • Turnkey user supports

B2B/2GO merges everything you need in one place.


Event benefits

The platform helps you to quantify your event in several ways. How many people have registered for each activity? The participants came from which countries or sectors? How many meetings were planned and how many actually took place?

  • Number of actual registrations
  • Compatibility calculation of participants
  • Participation analysis
  • Networking and connection count details
  • Full analytical report

Frequently asked questions